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Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest (20#)


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Another great example of how the best training tools are often the most simple.

After watching the Crossfit Games again this year I had decided that I really wanted to pick up a weight vest to take my training to the next level. I started looking around at different vendors and their price points and settled on Uncommon Breed. I contacted Ryan over at their office and he helped get me squared away with the vest I wanted. They use a company called Receiptful for the purchases on their site and communication on the order from start to finish was great. A few days later my vest showed up in all its glory.

Having never used a weighted vest before I did not really know what to expect when this arrived. First off the vest is very stylish, I went with the Coyote Tan color but they also have a navy and black color that look great as well. The vest is covered in various pieces of velcro that will allow you to put your own patches. Definitely going to pick up an American Flag patch for mine. At first glance the vest is very well made and is held together by multiple stitchings on the bottom. The vest is secured by elastic straps on the side and seem to be very durable as well.

Time for the workout. The vest actually showed up after I had worked out for the day but I was too stoked not to give this thing a run. I strapped on the vest and ended up doing 150 Slam Balls over the shoulder and I was WRECKED. During the workout I did not notice the vest shifting on me at all, which is a huge plus. The few days following this workout I have used it for many things since it is so versatile Jogging around the neighborhood, burpees and even mowing the yard.

If you are in the market for a new vest I would definitely recommend giving the Uncommon Breed your business. They are a small business based out of Kennewick, WA and would love your support!

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