Rogue W-4 Rack

Rogue W-4 Rack

I have wanted to build a garage gym for some time now and with two kids under the age of two (I know right) I thought it was the perfect time to do so. I wanted a rack that was going to meet my needs and be large enough for me and a few friends to use at the same time but not take up both sides of my garage as my wife would not have been a fan of that.

I started researching foldable racks that various companies sell and my main worry with purchasing a folding rack is the weight that it would be able to support and the overall lifetime durability of the frame after folding and unfolding it multiple times. After searching around for some time and reading pretty much every review I could find (which was surprisingly not a ton on this product line) I settled on the Rogue W-4 Rack. Rogue is really the end all be all for racks in my opinion and the quality of this rack and the following review solidifies their place in this category.

I purchased this rack for right around $650 shipped to Nashville. A couple of days later UPS freight called me to schedule a delivery. I thought this was a little odd until they showed up at my front door in an 18 wheeler. The UPS freight truck showed up for the scheduled delivery and he unloaded it pallet and all in my garage. Unboxing everything here are the specifications from Rogue’s website:

  • Width 6′, Length 4′, Height 9′
  • Made with 2×3″ 11 – gauge steel
  • 5/8″ Bolts and Fasteners
  • West Side Hole Pattern: 1″ through bench and clean pull zone then 2″ spacing above and below
  • Pull-up Bar height is adjustable – 8′, 7′ 6″, or 7′
  • (2) J-Cups with UHMW plastic inserts per 4′ rack section
  • Unit must be bolted to the floor and wall
  • You can customize the depth to 4′ and make the front pull-up bar a single for rings if you would like. Please make those selections on the drop downs NOTE: The single bar has an OD of 2″
  • You can make it a shortie if you don’t have the overhead space, drop it down to 7′ 6″. Please contact if you wish to make this customization.
  • Unit must be bolted to the wall. Wall mounting hardware is NOT included.

Available Options:

There are a few different options available on this rack directly from Rogue Fitness. First you can add up to 2 Rogue Dirty South Bar’s as an add on at $100 per bar. These bars are a great swap out and will give you a multi-height pull-up bar.

Next you can remove the double pull up bar that is front and center in favor of the single 2″ O.D. pull up bar (think bar muscle ups here). Last you can make the rack a “shorty” and drop the height down from 7 foot to 6 foot. The 6 foot option is a great idea for those people that are limited by space or maybe looking to install this in their basement.

The only option that I personally ended up changing was going with the single 2″ O.D. pull up bar for the bar muscle ups in the front.


Take your time planning out and installing this rack I even went as far as to sketch this out to make sure it was going to fit and I was going to be happy with the location before doing any actual work on it. If you think about how much weight this device is going to end up holding it will pay off for you to spend as few extra minutes double checking yourself and even prevent an injury.

This installation was definitely a two person job due to the size of the rig so I grabbed one of my neighbors who was willing to help me out and who also had all of the tools that I needed. In the first step we stuck up two six foot stinger boards with 4 inch lag bolts (14 bolts total – not included). Definitely make sure that these stinger boards are level when putting them up because if they are not you will have some uneven pull-up bars. These stinger boards are really the backbone of the rack so we needed to make sure that it was not going to budge once installed.

Next step was to mark and drill the holes for the anchors in the floor. Let me tell you this was not an enjoyable part. We temporarily stood the rack up and made our marks on the concrete with a sharpie. We went through two different concrete bits on the drill to get the six holes to the depth that we needed them for the anchors. After a few hours of drilling we were finally able to get the anchors to a depth of 6 inches which is what we were looking for. Next we were able to do a test set on the posts to verify everything looked good before actually mounting the rig on the wall. 

Once this was complete we were able to stage the rack in place. We connected everything and hand tightened all of the bolts. I decided not to put any loctite or anything else on the bolt itself in case I were to ever move or need to take it down. We were then able lift it up and move it into place. The rig went perfectly on the wall and within a few minutes were able to tighten everything down and it was ready to roll. Next step was to check our work and make sure that everything was level.


Coming up on 11 months of use this rack and it is still as solid as the day we installed it. I have had 2-3 200lb+ guys from my neighborhood doing pull ups and muscle ups on this rack and it has yet to move.

The J-Cups are a great addition as well and provide a squat rack capability for the rack. I use this rack as a squat stand multiple times a week and it works perfectly. The J-Cups can also be used with the rack to convert it for bench press. The only additional equipment that you would need is a good bench.

One issue we noticed with the installation is that I requested a single bar for the front of the rack for bar muscle ups. There is a thin plate that goes between the actual rig and the pull up bar. The thin plates that were sent to me were for the double pull up bar and would not fit this right design.

Favorite Workouts involving the Rogue W-4 Rack:

This rack goes above and beyond what I had hoped for, but it will only pay off if you know how to use it.

Here are a few of my favorite workouts:

Barn Burner:

30 C2B Pull-ups
30 Overhead Squats (95/65#)
20 Bar Muscle ups
20 Overhead Squats (135/95#)
10 Bar Muscle-ups
10 Overhead Squats (185/135#)

Max Effort:

5 Rounds not for time
Max Bench Press (Bodyweight)
Max Unbroken C2B

Come at Me:

2 Rounds
2 Mins – Max T2B
1 Min – Max Ring Dip
2 Mins – Max C2B
1 Min – Max Bar Muscle Up

Where to buy:

Rogue Fitness

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