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RepFitness V2 SlamBall



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The best training tools are often the most simple.

The slam ball is a super simple training tool that you can take anywhere. I end up traveling some for work and its easy to throw in the car and really get a full body workout with this one small item.

First impressions – Out of the box this ball is made like a tank! Picking it up and getting started I noticed that this ball is pretty slick to the touch. I dusted it up with some chalk and got moving. The first workout that I put it through was pretty simple. 3 Rounds – 150 cleans (at #40). Rest 3 minutes between rounds. I did not actually time this workout, just kind of threw something on the board and went. By the end of this workout I could barely pickup the ball one more time.

Over the past week this SlamBall V2 from RepFitness has been put to the test with multiple workouts and seems to be extremely well made. It has held up to everything that I have thrown at it so far and if you are in the market for a great workout tool I would definitely recommend checking out RepFitness for your next purchase!

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