Japan Trip | Day 8 (Peace Signs)

Today Brandon stayed in and The Wife and I headed out to Tokyo Disney Sea. First things first we had to plan the route through the metro so that we did end up in the wrong place. There is an iPhone app that most locals use but since it is a paid app on the app store there is a website that does essentially the same thing: Hyperdia

2013-08-27 08.52.33

The trip did not seem too bad, a couple of track switches and overall travel time of ~50 minutes. Once we arrived at the park we grabbed our tickets and a couple of maps and I could tell that the wife was beyond excited.

2013-08-27 10.48.05

Once inside we grabbed a quick lunch which to my surprise was the worst meal that I had on the trip. I ordered some combo of seafood pasta and two-three bites in I was done. After lunch we headed through the park with Mandi leading and took in a few rides and most of the shows:

2013-08-27 12.04.20

2013-08-27 11.24.24

After the day at Disney I was exhausted but we went ahead and upgraded our tickets to the two day pass to check out DisneyLand tomorrow with Brandon (@archer23). We then headed back to the hotel to wash up for dinner.

We ended up going to eat at TGI Friday’s because everyone was craving a good burger. Oddly enough this was the most expensive meal of the trip coming in at around $70 bucks. After dinner Mandi headed back to the room and Brandon and I went out for some more Dart action.

The rest of the videos/pictures from Day 8 are here: Flickr


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