Japan Trip | Day 11 (The Suck v2.0)

We arrived at the airport around 8pm (Tokyo time) Grabbed a quick shower and some dinner then hopped on our first flight around 12:10 AM. Here is a summary of our flights:

HND > SFO ~10 hr + 6 hr Layover

SFO > ORD ~4 hr + 2 hr Layover

ORD > BNA ~2hr

After arriving in Nashville we still had a few things to take care of before we could get some sleep:

BNA > Taxi Home, House Closing, Walgreens, Zaxbys, BED.

Once we arrived home we were greeted by one of the best dogs in the world; Chance:

2013-08-30 09.47.55

Needless to say he was beyond excited to see us.

The Next/Last update regarding Japan will have a link to all pictures/videos and a wrap up of our overall experience.


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