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Rogue W-4 Rack

Rogue W-4 Rack I have wanted to build a garage gym for some time now and with two kids under the age of two (I know right) I thought it was the perfect time to do so. I wanted a

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Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest Review

Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest (20#)   Product Information: Uncommon Breed Vest Another great example of how the best training tools are often the most simple. After watching the Crossfit Games again this year I had decided that I really wanted to

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RepFitness SlamBall Review

RepFitness V2 SlamBall   Product Information:¬† Video Review:¬†Coming Soon! The best training tools are often the most simple. The slam ball is a super simple training tool that you can take anywhere. I end up traveling some for work and

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