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Rogue W-4 Rack

Rogue W-4 Rack I have wanted to build a garage gym for some time now and with two kids under the age of two (I know right) I thought it was the perfect time to do so. I wanted a

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Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest Review

Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest (20#)   Product Information: Uncommon Breed Vest Another great example of how the best training tools are often the most simple. After watching the Crossfit Games again this year I had decided that I really wanted to

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RepFitness SlamBall Review

RepFitness V2 SlamBall   Product Information: Video Review: Coming Soon! The best training tools are often the most simple. The slam ball is a super simple training tool that you can take anywhere. I end up traveling some for work and

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Why a Home Lab!?

After kicking around the idea of building a home lab for quite some time now I finally got around to actually doing it. Note: this is not what I would consider your standard or cheap lab by any means. This

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Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Setup

Since DMVPN has been added to the CCIE v5 BluePrint I figured that now was just as good of a time as any to write this blog.   DMVPN stands for Dynamic Multipoint VPN and it is an effective solution

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IPSec over GRE Tunnel

Cisco Ipsec over Gre Tunnel Configuration Example: Main – Branch Point to point connection w/LAN on opposite side: Main Router Config: Main#sh run Building configuration… Current configuration : 1866 bytes ! version 12.4 service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps

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Japan Trip | Day 11 (The Suck v2.0)

We arrived at the airport around 8pm (Tokyo time) Grabbed a quick shower and some dinner then hopped on our first flight around 12:10 AM. Here is a summary of our flights: HND > SFO ~10 hr + 6 hr

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Japan Trip | Day 10 (Gundam Pets)

This morning we had to check out of our hotel by noon so once we got everything together we piled the luggage in Brandon’s car and headed out on the Metro to Odiba since we didn’t fly out til a

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Japan Trip | Day 9 (Peace Signs v2.0)

Short post for today: We headed back to Disney for part 2 but this time we went to DisneyLand. They had some pretty neat things/rides at Disney but it was mostly geared toward the younger crowd. One of the highlights

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Japan Trip | Day 8 (Peace Signs)

Today Brandon stayed in and The Wife and I headed out to Tokyo Disney Sea. First things first we had to plan the route through the metro so that we did end up in the wrong place. There is an

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